Information on how to get pastured raised heritage pork from our pasture to your table.

Thank you for considering support of a small local family farm! Naturally raised heritage pork is not only beneficial in supporting the genetic diversity of heritage breed pigs, but also provides a healthy means for providing all natural and hormone free pork for you and your family to enjoy.

How to become a member of a heritage pig share @ Provision Mountain Farm:
1) Contact Provision Mountain Farm to verify that shares are available and breeds if there is a preference.
2) Read, initial, and sign Provision Mountain Farm’s Pig Share Membership Contract.
3) Submit completed pig share membership contract via email to:
4) Pay deposit to complete membership. We accept credit card, check, cash, or Bit Coin. Membership will not be considered complete until payment has processed.
5) Provision Mountain Farm will contact you near the end of the growing season (variable based upon breed as well as individual hog) to discuss details of the processing and to schedule pick-up. Final payment is due upon pick-up.

Here is a brief explanation about pricing and meat yield:

Not all of your pig is edible pork. On average about 55% of a hog make it from the pen to the pan. A 250 lb. hog will yield approximately 140 lbs. of retail cuts. Around 28% of a hog’s live weight is inedible product removed during the slaughter and dressing procedure bringing your 250 lb. live hog to 180 lbs. dressed (ie the hanging weight). Once the carcass is thoroughly chilled it can be cut into retail cuts where another 20% of the weight is removed during the processing, bringing your 180 lb. carcass to approximately 140 lbs. of retail cuts (ie what you bring home).

As a general rule 50 lbs. of meat will fit in about 2.25 cu. ft. of cooler/freezer space. The freezer compartment of most modern refrigerator/freezer combos can usually accommodate a half hog.

Meat from a typical half hog will consist of approximately:
• 12-14 lbs. of pork chops
• 1-2 packages of spare ribs (~3 lbs. total)
• 3 shoulder roasts or steaks (~12 lbs. total)
• 2 hocks
• 6-10 lbs. ground pork and/or sausage
• 1 ham end and slices (~15-18 lbs. total)
• 8-10 lbs. bacon
(Hams and bacon are typically cured and smoked after cutting.)

The total cost of a quarter/half/whole hog is based on the hanging weight as calculated by the butcher. For all purchases there is a non-refundable deposit fee of $250 for a whole hog and $150 for a half hog.

Click here for our PDF Pig Share Membership Contract!